I am indeed grateful for the balm of warm sun on my skin.

Grateful for the liberty of bare feet on the lawn and on the path,

where the old dog lies soaking up the heat like a sponge,

and where my boys pluck daisies for no reason at all.

The Encouragement Manifesto (Part 10)

When we ran a small business, there were some principles at the heart of it. A code of behaviour. It was owner-run; just the two of us. So the way we worked, who we were, was never written down as such. It was in our hearts. We are pretty sure it was clear to our customers who we were and what was important to us. We worked hard to be consistent, to celebrate others and to stay positive. Our business was built on the successes and strengths of others; kindness and generosity were keystones; we talked about value, not price and that allowed us to find our audience. We gathered up and shared inspiring stories and we sought to be a pebble in the pond, creating ripples. If we’d written this all down at the time, we’d have called it The Encouragement Manifesto. We recently decided to capture it in words. We asked some folk we trust and who live and work in the same way, to interpret the 10 principles in their words.

Be the Pebble in the Pond

by Tim LeRoy

The problem with ripples is that it’s the mighty waves that get all the attention. Waves have awe-inspiring and visible impact, but we never seem to notice the butterflies’ wings that start them, or the tiny pebble that begets their power.

But the most important ideas always…

A love letter to the lyrics of Joy as an Act of Resistance by IDLES.

Blighty wants his country back
Fifty-inch screen in his cul-de-sac
Wombic charm of the Union Jack
As he cries at the price of a bacon bap
Islam didn’t eat your hamster
Change isn’t a crime
So won’t you take my hand, sir
And sing with me in time

“Islam didn’t eat your hamster”.

I read two stories today that sum up, with alarming clarity, where companies go wrong, and of course, they both point to the same thing. Your best hope for the future is always to think of your customers’ future.

“After decades of success, dominating the global luxury market with impeccably designed engineering marvels, Germany’s carmakers face their iPhone moment. Like BlackBerry and Nokia before, they are confronted with a US company selling an elegant device based on superior technology.” (John Gapper in the FT)

This has very little…

“So everything must begin with education.”

Baroness Martha Lane-Fox is not just talking about kids, she’s talking about the boardroom.

In an article in The Times, subtitled ‘Amid all the political upheaval in the UK, business leaders lay out where they think our priorities should lieMartha Lane-Fox sums up both the challenges and opportunities for British business, in three short, apolitical paragraphs.

“Digital understanding isn’t just nice to have…

Tim LeRoy

I am a writer. Also “a business coach for people who don’t like business coaches.”

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